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Planning for Pay-Per-Click Marketing

ppc-management-expertThe fierce competition to make one-self stand out in the complex mesh of internet, has led experts to the development of myriad online marketing strategies and gimmicks – online advertising being a strong component of it. Pay-per-click (PPC) is an equally important form of internet advertising deployed extensively to steer traffic to your own website. What makes this strategy so relevant, and also blatantly suggested in the name itself, is of course that you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Goals and Strategy

Once your goals for the campaign have been set in place, devising a PPC strategy becomes a lot easier. If your goals are clear, then you can anticipate your results and, probably, you even know what your strategies will have to be for those presumed results. While chalking out a strategy several factors go into consideration – as the targeted keywords, the targeted audience, creation of landing pages and the various ad copy, visual copy and image creation, whether retargeting required or not, etc. and a successful implementation of the same will sum up your PPC strategy. A smarter move is to make a SWOT analysis of your competing counterparts. Creating a strategy that defies their level will put you ahead of your counterparts. It is also a good habit to keep the end-user mentality in mind while devising your PPC strategy.

Ad Placement

PPC advertisements are displayed either on websites where the content exhibited is relevant to your offering or on search engine results pages based on the search phrase entered. These ads are often dubbed as “banner ads” in most cases, and depending on the site displayed, the charges vary. Like content-specific sites take a fixed amount per click, while search engines validate biddings for targeted keywords.

The Importance of Keywords

PPC advertising is a very keyword-centric form of online marketing. At the heart of your complete PPC strategy lies the effective usage of keywords. Identifying the keywords that are to be targeted, sensible grouping of those as per your campaign and eventually, organizing the campaign(s) in one unison will prove far-fetching. As the analytics keep varying, it’s smart to go with a keyword that is less vied for, but at the same time equally relevant to your PPC advertising. Tools like iSpionage can be helpful in discovering keywords that competitors are using that may be useful for you to consider bidding on as well.


The effectual management of your ongoing and future ad campaigns is an important component of PPC advertising. PPC management includes monitoring and maintenance operations of your ongoing PPC campaign(s). Keyword lists should be enhanced periodically, refining and replacing of existing underperforming keywords and ads becomes paramount. Bid values need to be revised in a timely fashion especially early on in your efforts. Trimming ad copy to suit the current, and gauging the overall ROI benefit, thus obtained so far from the particular PPC campaign. A best PPC management approach is almost always one that is different than what you started with. Proper management and maintenance delivers incremental improvements along the way till your ROI is reached.


The success of your PPC advertising ultimately depends on the number of clicks rendered. PPC can be a great way of generating leads and potential new clients. The basis of PPC advertising is to pay a dedicated amount when someone clicks your ad. Every time someone clicks your ad, you pay to land that user on your website. Few opt into buying the products or services you are are trying to sell, immediately. You have to carefully watch that the revenue generated exceeds the investment you are putting into it.


There is a silver lining to all of this. Reflect on PPC advertising as an investment in which your ROI which will be returned to you in the near future. Maneuvering a successful and profitable PPC campaign is a never-ending process, as the dynamics of web keep changing over. This is an advertising approach that thoroughly leverages pure skills and talent of advertising and not simply deep pockets. A smart blueprint, even with a limited budget, can very well gain the edge you need.


Guest Author Emma James contributed this post. Emma is a writer and blogger assisting the Toronto-based Internet Marketing company NumeroUno Websolutions expand awareness among their target customers. NumeroUno offers content marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, Social Media Optimization, as well as Website Design and Development.