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Power Up Your Marketing With a Solid Pinterest Plan

PinterestUtilizing every form of social network at your disposal is the best way to build an online presence, and every website has its own individual strengths and weaknesses. Pinterest is a fantastic way to showcase your star products, and the photo-sharing site has become one of the top social networks even though it only burst onto the scene three years ago.

In order to utilise Pinterest in the most effective way possible, it is important to sit down and create a plan that will put your business in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Decide On What You Would Like To Accomplish With Pinterest

When using Pinterest to promote your company, it is important to approach it from a business angle. Trying to get as many people as possible to follow you or favourite your items does not necessarily translate to increased sales. Try to pick a goal such as ‘increase awareness of my brand’ or ‘drive customers towards my main website’.

How Will You Measure Your Success?

What form of metrics will provide the best way to track your progress? It could be the amount of new customers, increased website traffic or the number of sales. Decide on these success metrics and begin measuring and tracking it.

Instructing Others

Will you be handling the Pinterest account yourself or delegating the task to an employee? If so, it is important to educate them on exactly how you would like to represent your brand across social media outlets. If your online promotional skills are a little lacking, it may be wise to bring in a professional such as to build your company’s online presence.


How will you promote your company on Pinterest? Creating a board full of beautiful eye-catching photographs is the first step, but Pinterest offers many more features to help you promote your business such as place pins – products pins and article pins.

Integration With Other Social Networks

Integrating your Pinterest with other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is essential to reach as wide a target audience as possible. Some of your content may not be suitable for Pinterest, so directing your followers to different social networks will allow them to view your entire range of products and services.

Create Campaigns

image1Campaigns are a fantastic way to engage your customers, and the possibilities for promotion are endless. Guess ran a successful ‘color me inspired’ campaign that invited customers to create boards based on one of four different colours, and winners were chosen by well-known fashion bloggers.

Collecting Results

How will you measure the results of your Pinterest promotional activities? Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics will let you know how much traffic is being generated to your various online sites and how visitors are arriving at your site.

Pinterest has become an online sensation practically overnight and it bears the distinction of being the fastest site to break the 10 million user mark. Most companies are still not sure exactly how to approach Pinterest, so now is the ideal time to take advantage of this wonderful new advertising opportunity before it becomes inundated with company promotions and ads like many other social networks.


Amber Davis loves making social media work for marketing. She frequently writes about simple strategies to create effective social media marketing plans.