Pro Tip: Find SEO content ideas in 60 seconds

Are you struggling for fresh content ideas to fill your pipeline?

Did you wear out your keyboard comparing the search volume and difficulty on fifty-four long-tail variations of “project management software?”

Wasted the morning fleshing out concepts for your next “content cluster”…

…but you’re still not sure if it’s going to drive traffic?

Are you so tied up in perfecting your strategy that you’re not getting anything published?

Strategy is absolutely essential in SEO. But sometimes analysis can get the best of you.

So I’ve got a secret weapon that I break out when I find myself stuck in a content rut.

And today I’m going to show you the exact step-by-step process I use to push through analysis paralysis and find high-value article ideas quickly…

My secret weapon is the Organic Keywords tab in the iSpionage competitor research tool.

To get started, I’ll just type any competitor’s URL into the iSpionage search bar.

Then I’ll click over to the “Organic Keywords” tab and here’s what we see:

Yeah, I know. It looks simple…

But there is SO MUCH valuable info packed into these 6 vertical inches.

You’ll see the competitor’s top performing pieces of content ranked by how much it would cost them to BUY those keywords.

So you can quickly and easily see which articles are driving high-value traffic to your top competitor’s site.

Now, I’ll just scroll down until I find an article that I don’t already have covered on my blog and…

Boom! New (proven winner) content idea in 60 seconds.

Then I’ll take just a few more minutes to nail down a solid strategy.

First, I’ll click “View More” below the article results.

That’ll open a pop-up window where I’ll click “Export” to send all the 1st page keywords (268 in this case) to an Excel sheet.

And then I go through the keyword list to pick out the highest value keywords that I think I can rank for.

Finally, I’ll click on the link to my competitor’s site and read the article to see how they’ve used the keywords and what the article is actually about.

Remember that CONTEXT is increasingly to Google’s search algorithms. 

So if you want to copy a competitor’s SEO success, be sure you’re writing about the themes (but do not steal their content, nobody wins in that scenario.

Within a few minutes I’ve got a complete SEO plan for an article that I can publish today:

  • I know that my topic is relevant to my audience…
  • I know that the keywords are proven to deliver results…
  • And I know the context that Google wants for high-ranking articles on this topic.

So now I’m fresh out of excuses! 

And I can get to work writing a strong article with a great chance at working its way up the rankings.

That’s how I do it. 
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About the Author


Anne Sutantyo is the Sr. Digital Marketing at iSpionage, the only competitive intelligence tool that captures the entire PPC conversion funnel—from keywords to ad copy to landing pages.