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Search or Display? How to decide which Adwords Network is best for you

Many Internet Marketers make the mistake of showing their PPC Adwords campaigns in both search and display ad networks without knowing what they are doing. If not done properly, this can cause severe damage to your ad campaign performance. These two networks are extremely different and should be separated into unique campaigns for best results. It’s very challenging to access the performance of these networks without segmenting them and setting different goals.

search or display
This post will help you understand the difference between and how to optimize display and search ad networks.

Quick glance of search network with display select

Before getting into each network, it is important to know about the Google recent update, Search Network with Display Select (SNDS). SNDS allows advertiser to opt some benefits from the search engines. Essentially, AdWords claims that it can use “improved channel signals and methods for predicting where our ads perform very well” and make sure that our display ads are only shown in the highly relevant locations. This feature is similar to the enhanced AdWords campaigns, where you can push your AdWords in to the bigger reach and appeal to broader range of customers.

When and where to use Google Search Network

Running ads in the search networks are most common form of Pay per Click Advertising. With only the search network selected, your ads will be eligible to appear in the Google search results. If you are willing to expand the reach of your ads, you can select “search partners” to have visibility on other search engines like AOL, ASK, etc.
 search ad network
The Search Network is the most effective form of online advertising which target an active searcher who is on a mission to find something somewhere. In the above example, the searcher enters “ppc Service Company in Chennai”, seeing both organic and paid ads.
You could choose search network campaign if and only if:

Selling an emergency product: If you selling the product or services that something needed some particular time or season. For this search network is preferable. The example for this shown below, if the business owner selling lands in Chennai then he/she should choose search networks for immediate selling.
Emergency product land for sale
Working with limited budget: when you or your clients restricted with of small budget, then search networks is preferable one. This format can easily drive direct conversion to your business and make very easier to measure your efforts of campaign.

When and where to use Google Display Network (GDN)
Google also provides advertising opportunity to place your ads on various sites across the internet. These collection ranges from news sites, blog and even in You Tube. The GDN includes over 2 million websites that covers nearly 90% of global internet users. This is the right place for the people who want to expand their business online presence.
 display ad
When on the internet, users tend not to click banner ads. Instead they are doing their daily activities like reading news, accessing blog post and watching videos, etc. If you want to get more customers, then your ad need to be attractive and gather user attention as well as designing engagement within your ads. You have to be very creative to attractive attention towards your ads.
You could use display network if and only if:

When you have long sales process: If you selling a product that customers are not willing to purchase immediately, and you need to stay top of mind for when they are ready to purchase. In this scenario, Re-marketing is an excellent compliment to all marketing efforts. This strategy allows you to show ads to anyone who already visited your site and encouraging them to return and ultimately convert into a customer.
remarketing display ads by google
When you want to familiarize people with your brand: this is the right place to promote your brand name globally. Is it too expense? Don’t worry AdWords offers a wide variety of targeting options so you can choose the set of websites that comes under your niche to display your ads.
Don’t forget that we are living in a very competitive world; if we want more business then we have to out work our competition and find opportunities outside of search. Display network and re-marketing is this opportunity.

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Author Bio:
Elina Jones is part time content writer who loves to share her thoughts and ideas for better online marketing. She works for Chennai Webs – SEO Services Company in Chennai as a Digital Marketing Analyst.