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Search Intelligence in Global Markets

Keyword Relevance

In the competitive global market where online marketing is so pervasive, it is the battle for cost-effective keyword and concept relevance that distinguishes successful PPC campaigns from campaigns that need further optimization. When it comes to online marketing, nothing should be more important to growth-oriented organizations than understanding completely the language used in the market segment in which they compete. The value of the words, keywords, long-tail keyword phrases, the language – you use or buy online within your specific competitive environment determines how well you can compete. Ultimately, you are competing for the awareness and interest of people searching for a solution to a problem that your product, service or information may address. And getting found is all about relevance.

Our Search Marketing Solution

What iSpionage offers is simple. We can help you develop a more complete picture of your relevance. We help you understand what keywords and long-tail keyword phrases are most valuable and important within your competitive environment. And we are here to listen and help too. Join the conversation today by subscribing to our blog. Do it!

  • Our SEO tool can deliver a good estimate of the value of organic search traffic within your market
  • Our PPC tool can tell you what your competitors are currently spending to reach your target market with their search marketing campaigns. We can help you develop at picture of how your competitors allocate search advertising budgets across which terms and phrases of relevance to your industry.
  • And our Alert feature can help you stay on top of your competitors. What could be more simple than a report delivered to your inbox noting keyword changes and updates within your competitive environment?

How We Do It

iSpionage mines competitive information using our proprietary search monitoring technologies to deliver the insights you need to more quickly succeed with your PPC advertising and web content development efforts. iSpionage developed our service in response to a fundamental demand from growth-oriented businesses using the Internet to market themselves quickly develop a more complete understanding of the language used in the markets in which they compete.

English Spoken Here

This need is acutely important to companies whose staff is composed of individuals whose native tongue is a language other than English. We provide information that global companies selling products and services into English-speaking markets

  • United States,
  • Canada,
  • England,
  • Scotland,
  • Ireland,
  • Wales,
  • Australia,
  • New Zealand, etc.

If you – or your client – offers a product or service in these markets, and you need to quickly get your arms around the in-country language used to conduct business – our tools can definitely help. The English language can be quite creative and tuning your content, keywords and ads to regional language differences can be the difference between success and failure.

Don’t think so?

  • See how many band aids you sell in the US calling them “sticky plasters”.
  • See how much search traffic you attract in the US trying to promote an English car featuring a roomy “boot” instead of a spacious “trunk”.
  • You might be surprised by your results if you tried to sell erasers in the US by calling them “rubbers”.

As you get deeper into the specific language used in a variety of market verticals, it gets even more important to have a tool that can deliver a deeper understanding of the lingo.

It turns out that the story of iSpionage itself in part involves this theme of global competition. You see, two of our founders are from Indonesia and grew up speaking Indonesian as their mother tongue. Early on, the solution we created was in part developed to help a company with a non-native English speaking staff compete more effectively in the US market through search. This was one of the kernels from which iSpionage sprouted.

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Chris Sparks, iSpionage Director of Marketing
Chris is an online marketing and content strategist here at iSpionage building awareness and engagement within our target markets.