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The ultimate PPC tool: Keyword research, clean up tool, keyword grouping & PPC campaign building application under one roof.

In the world of affiliate marketing, I found that Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the most effective way to make money. You get to see the results of your efforts very quickly. Now if it is done correctly, you can make good money and enjoy a regular stream of income.

Having talked to numerous affiliate marketers, who are learning to get into the world of affiliate marketing, the basic challenges they face are as follows:

  1. Getting into the affiliate networks
  2. Using tools to help you launch the PPC campaign
  3. Optimizing the campaigns

One of the easiest affiliate networks to get in is Clickbank, but the types of offers available are limited (mainly ebooks and stuff like that). The other networks such as Hydra, Pepperjam, Neverblue and Share A Sale have a wider variety of offers (Retail, Financial and Health). To get into these networks you need to provide more information about yourself, methods of promotion and may have to call them to get approved.

Once in the affiliate networks, the fun begins as going through the offers can be exciting but at the same time frustrating as you are trying to figure which offers will convert well versus the ones that are suspect. Most of the networks seem to have tons of offers in the health and diet industry which they said are performing really well.

After doing some research and finally selecting a few offers I go about my way to do my keyword research so that I can launch the ad campaigns on Google Adwords. I find that doing keyword research can be rather time consuming and there are numerous tools out there that you can use to speed up the process. I am using a keyword generator, keyword filter, campaign builder and finally Google editor. There are just so many different applications to use when launching a PPC ad campaign. With that thought, I felt it will be nice if we could have a single application where we can:

Step 1: Research and generate keywords,
Step 2: Filter and clean up the keywords
Step 3: Write and create the ad copies
Step 4: Build the campaign and upload to Google editor for placement on adwords.

This would really save a lot of time and cost as you will now have a single end to end solution.

And that’s why we build the latest feature: iSpionage Keyword & Campaign builder. This application is designed to streamline PPC campaign building for users of all level.

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