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The World Has Become Local

I saw an article in our local paper (The San Jose Mercury-News) that reminded me of how technology has shrunk the world. It ran March 24 and was about GoDaddy joining with Google to reject the Chinese government’s surveillance and censorship rules.

Any student of global business knows it was not that long ago that the United States and China weren’t even speaking, much less doing business. Now we have progressed to the point that two American companies are willing to risk losing out on the burgeoning Chinese consumer audience.

There was a time a new business looked around its immediate neighborhood as its customer base. Expansion was based on how fast product could get there by truck, train or plane.

With the Internet the whole world can become the immediate neighborhood of any business in the blink of an eye. If that gets you pumped, and maybe a little unsteady, you’re probably in the majority.