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Three Ways To Leverage Mobile Inbound Marketing

It seems the mobile market is getting hotter and more pervasive by the minute. Over the last 5 years for instance, the growth in search query volume from mobile phones has outpaced growth from desktop computers. Google announced recently that the number of daily searches from mobile devices will surpass daily desktop search volume by next year.

Inbound marketing, and content marketing in general, is also one of the hottest trends of 2013. People the world over have begun to see the synergies between inbound marketing and mobile. Believe it or not, this trend has already found itself in curricula of university IT courses.

In this article, I will discuss ways these trends can be combined to produce powerful tactics and better results.

First though…

What is Inbound Marketing?

Taking the words by literal sense, “inbound marketing” is a marketing approach that focuses on creating content specifically designed to appeal to your dream customers, and attracting qualified prospects to your business over and over. In terms of blogging, this translated into writing appropriate content and publishing it at the right time, tuned for the right audience. This means caring about what your audience has to say and acting on their suggestions. By forming a relationship with them through time, you are able to build trust and engagement so that they will help you share and amplify your message.

But what about Inbound Marketing on mobile devices?

Your aim as a digital marketer should not only consist of traffic and site performance, but also enhance your interaction with your audience. When they interact with your content on mobile devices, you need to ensure it is as readable and accessible as it is engaging.

Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Optimize Your Webpage for Mobile Devices and Mobile Users

You are responsible for the responsiveness of your website and blog – and this includes providing a design and interface not only for desktop-based users, but also for those on the go. Your site should have a web version and one optimized for mobile. Mobile sites typically have larger buttons, clearly legible text, and not as much scrolling. Everything important must be presented concisely. Also consider the load time of your pages.

2. Consider Mobile Apps

Many users don’t like logging onto web browsers while using their smart phones. Rather, they resort to mobile apps in the AppStore or Google Play Market which provide information equivalent to that found on websites. They prefer to get to the information they need without waiting for pages to load and typing on the address of the website. This approach isn’t for everyone, but within a mobile app, you can generate targeted content as well and engage in advanced inbound marketing approaches like offering loyalty rewards, discounts, and coupons. In-app information about your products and services are typically more readily shared on social media platforms as well – helping increase awareness and revenue.

3. Apply Good Mobile Commerce Principles and Technologies

Gone are the days where customers have to go to a physical shop to purchase the things they need. m-Commerce has becoming quite the “in” thing of late. Make sure you present all your best deals and prices on your mobile site or within your app content to maximize your opportunity to convert sales. It is also important to enable your customers to pay efficiently. This means not just through credit cards, but also through convenient and secure services like PayPal.


Inbound marketing through the mobile channel is all about creating continuous and consistent satisfaction and delight with customers who are using their mobile devices. Always share remarkable content and information on the social web that can be viewed via user-friendly mobile interfaces.


Guest Blogger Celina Conner
Celina Conner is a yoga instructor, proud mother, and alumna from Martin College of Business, Multimedia, & Design. She has a passion in cooking and especially for coming up with exciting new vegan recipes. Feel free to follow her adventures on Twitter or on Google+.