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What Google AdWords Users Want

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I recently left a large company where I wrote Marketing Requirement Documents (MRDs) in Marketeeze. As I’m sure you know, Marketeeze is a language invented by a marketer’s cabal to give engineers one more problem to figure out.

The reason I’m joking about this (but not really) is because the next part is a bit embarrassing… I want to share what I’ve learned in my years of running PPC programs… in conversational English. Though it sounds silly, it’s an effort to type stuff up without using phrases like gap-analysis, long-tail keywords and ‘holistically looking at our analytic dashboards to extrapolate a psychographic micro-strategy.’ I wish as was making this up.

On the business side, after coordinating 324 offline (a.k.a. hard copy) advertising accounts and managing 67 online advertising accounts (27 of them PPC), I am ecstatic to provide direct customer input to help iSpionage’s engineers develop a product designed with you in mind!

In addition to knowledgeable input from previous employers and clients, I’ve gone to various events and spoken with bid-management services, ad agencies, service providers and large companies to understand what’s missing from their PPC campaigns. As grateful as I am for their input, I want to know what you want from your campaign.

What do you want from Google AdWords?

Looking forward to your comments,

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  • art

    what I want from google:
    the obvious…more sales at lower cost
    ad testing module
    easier method for integrating new keywords into account
    statistically significance measurements around impressions, clicks after changes made to an account such as bid changes, ad copy changes
    More insight into the outliers from search visibility report
    –larger view of your diagram to figure out the marketingeeze..

  • Art – I spoke with the Google folks at the San Francisco ad:tech conference regarding some of your comments.

    re: more sales at lower costs
    We’ll cover that topic in the coming weeks at various levels of expertise. Some will suit you – some will be at the skill level of an off-line marketer/CEO.

    re: ad testing module
    Would a webinar on ad testing on this help?
    Are you looking for a more advanced features?

    re: keyword integration
    Have you tried the AdWords Editor yet?
    Again, we’ll cover this in a video format.

    We’ll try to tackle some of the other points in a second series. Your first couple of questions are very meaty subjects that will help a boatload of people.

    And why in the world would you want to see corporate MRD flow charts in Marketeeze? That stuff has given many of good people PTSD! 🙂

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  • art

    ad testing module similar to better ppc offering.

    yes I use adwords editor..conducting new keyword research and removing keywords that are already in the account is cumbersome.

  • It’s been a long time. kindly update the article.