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What Makes a Good Infographic?

The modern web is highly visual, which has brought on the age of infographics. Each year, infographics make up a higher percentage of content and drive people to new levels of creative presentation. What makes for a good infographic can be subjective, but there are certain common aspects that must be considered.

Strong Design

The infographic is a visual medium, so it has to reach out and grab the visitor. The colors must be carefully chosen to best present the information. Fonts should be large enough to be easily read without making the visitor squint at the words.

Reliable Data

Before putting together an infographic, all data used should be thoroughly researched and verified. While the design will get a visitor’s attention, it is the data that gives a good infographic its core value, and it should be as fresh as possible in order to entice the reader.

Original Visualizations

Bar graphs and pie charts can be useful tools for data presentation, but they are not that interesting. The best infographics show data in interesting and innovative ways that make sense to the visitor. This is the real power of the medium.

Great Thesis

Something that makes an infographic stand out and look great is an original and strong point of view. If the piece inspires and educates, it has done its job well and reflects on the intelligence and dedication of the person who created it, which could lead to greater things.

Consistent Location

The site where the infographic is posted should be consistent with the information the piece is presenting. Visitors may become annoyed after reading through an otherwise excellent infographic only to discover the company behind it is unrelated to the data. The piece will lose nearly all its meaning in this manner.

Easy Sharing

The goal of any excellent graphic design infographic is to go viral. Ideally, any visitor that sees the graphic will immediately want to share it with friends across social media. That is why providing share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google+, along with simple embed codes, are also important parts of getting the infographic seen. This will make the piece accessible to many more people.

In the end, what makes an infographic beautiful is how it is perceived by its audience. By taking the above points into consideration, the designer can present the data in the most creative, intelligent way possible.

Ready to Make an Infographic Yourself?

If you are ready to dive in, the following online tools can help you create a good infographic yourself:


Lyndsi Decker is a blogger that writes often about the web and online marketing. She is also an avid traveler and marathon runner.