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Why it is important to use PPC to help you in your SEO efforts.

An important part of a well executed SEO project is having quality keyword data identifying which keywords should be prioritized for SEO. This data will steer decisions around site design and layout which will lead to creating and adding additional content. There’s no point spending time and money optimizing your website to rank for keywords that don’t actually generate conversions. The key question is knowing what keywords are the right ones to optimize for your website.

The easiest and most effective way to gather this data is by running pay per click advertising (PPC) campaigns. You can launch PPC campaigns within days, target a large amount of keyword variations and track the keywords data for your SEO efforts.

The key data that PPC campaigns can provide is which keywords delivered the right kind of traffic to the site – that is, the traffic that actually converts. With conversion tracking it is possible to identify back to a keyword level which terms delivered the desired outcome. A conversion is any desired outcome on a site – anything you want users to do. It could be:

• a sale,
• a lead,
• a registration for a newsletter or membership,
• a whitepaper download,

After you determined the right keywords, you can start using theses keywords for your SEO optimization efforts. So essentially, PPC and SEO work hand in hand together. Ideally, you should be running PPC campaigns until your SEO terms are optimized. As SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint (in competitive sectors, SEO efforts can take 9-12 months to work), you need to be sure which keywords you should be investing time, effort and money on optimizing. Running a smart PPC campaign first with good data analysis is the best way to determine it.