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Announcing Ad Copy A/B Test Monitoring for PPC Campaigns


A little over a week ago we announced our new competitor A/B test monitoring.

With competitor A/B test monitoring, you can find out when your competitors start an A/B test and when they select a winner.

Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like with an example A/B test by

Wix AB Test

This week we’re excited to announce an even newer features—PPC ad copy A/B test monitoring.

Introducing PPC ad copy A/B test monitoring

Ad copy A/B test monitoring is similar to competitor A/B test monitoring except, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, it uncovers A/B tests your competitors are running for their PPC campaigns.

As everyone who’s worth their salt when it comes to PPC will tell you, ad copy A/B testing is very important for campaign success. You always want to have a new variation running to see if you can’t find a version that outperforms your current ad copy and delivers better results.

The great thing is that now not only can you A/B test your own ad copy, but you can also keep an eye on the ad copy tests your competitors are running. This gives you a better idea of what they’re up to while also providing an opportunity to learn and generate new testing ideas for your own campaigns.

Here’s an example of what ad copy A/B test monitoring looks like in action.

Uber_Ad_Copy_TestIn this example, Uber is testing two different ad copy variations for the keyword “car for hire.” One uses a specific dollar amount to show how much you can earn by driving with Uber, and the other simply mentions “make good money.”

As you can see, the ad copy that mentions the specific dollar amount won and became the version they continued using, which makes sense since it’s more specific.

How is this new data actionable?

Ad copy A/B test monitoring provides another data point where you can learn more about your competition, keep a close eye on what they’re doing, and gain a competitive advantage.

Here at iSpionage we think that Sun Tzu said it best when he said:


With iSpionage’s Enterprise Campaign Watch features, which now include ad copy A/B test monitoring, you’ll not only learn more about your own campaign, but you’ll also learn more about the competition which means you’ll be on your way to not needing to fear the result of 100 battles, or in this case, 100 A/B tests and campaign updates.

Would you like to find out why enterprise PPC advertisers are choosing Campaign Watch (which includes ad copy A/B test monitoring) to monitor their competitors campaigns?

Visit this page and request a demo to learn more. We’ll be happy to walk you through how it works and how it will give your search marketing team the competitive advantage it needs to dominate the competition, gain market share, and lead your industry.