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True Colors: What Your Brand Colors Say about Your Business [Infographic]

Not everyone realizes it, but the colors you choose have a big impact on your brand and how it’s perceived by potential customers.

Some colors help your brand to come off as more aggressive, others make your brand feel more safe, and still other colors make your brand appear more creative or more luxurious.

There’s no hard and fast rule, but it’s well known that different colors evoke different emotions which is one reason why businesses end up choosing one color over another.

So which colors evoke which emotions, which colors are the most popular, and how many colors do most businesses tend to use in their logos?

The infographic below from Marketo and Column Five Media describe what impression different logo colors give your business and when you may or may not want to use which colors.

Some points that stand out include:

  1. The fact that 95% of businesses use only one or two colors in their logo.
  2. A product’s color influences 60% to 80% of a customer’s purchasing decision.
  3. Red gives a more aggressive feel to your brand and is used by companies like Red Bull and Virgin.
  4. Blue is the safest color and puts people at ease and is used by companies like GE, Dell, and Chase Bank.
  5. Black connotes luxury and is most used luxury brands like Gucci, Rolex, Tiffany & Co. , Chanel, etc.

Interested in learning more? Be sure to study the infographic below to learn how colors impact the way customers perceive your brand, and don’t forget to share this post if you learn something new!

Brand & Logo Colors - Infographic

Source: This post was originally published by Marketo at