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The Secret to Wildly Successful Google Local Ads

Perfecting local PPC campaigns with Google Ads is the biggest challenge in search engine marketing (SEM). It’s true whether you’re multi-million dollar agency managing ad campaigns for a nationwide health insurance company or an independent hair salon opening your second shop on the other side of town.
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How to Calibrate Your Spying Tool for Better Accuracy

  Using competitive intelligence technology for keyword research, competitor analysis, and daily monitoring is a huge time saver because manually attempting to evaluate competitors, monitor keywords, and keep up with ads can be very time consuming. Competitive PPC intelligence tools save you time, but sometimes they leave you wondering, "How accurate is the data?"
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How to Determine Your Competitors’ Keyword Effectiveness

One of the most important factors in search marketing is selecting the correct keywords. Usually you start by using a keyword research tool or Google Adwords Keyword Planner to build keyword lists. The most logical keywords to use describe your product or service. After you develop a thorough keyword list, typically you group these keywords into ad groups, write your ads, set your bids, and go live to start gathering data. Once you have a minimum of 10 to 1000 clicks on a keyword (depending on what you consider statistically significant), you try to see which ones perform well and which keywords you should eliminate immediately before wasting too much PPC budget.
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