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How to Use LSI Keywords to Boost SEO Traffic

I'm constantly searching for new SEO techniques to help improve my page ranking. One of the best strategies I've found has evolved around the use of LSI keywords. By using LSI keywords, I've been able to resurrect dead content and climb to the top of search results with fresh content.
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How Safe Is Your Website from an SEO Penalty?

With all of the buzz floating around regarding Google’s algorithm updates and the huge number of sites getting penalized, many webmasters, SEO’s, and marketers are concerned that their website could be next on Google’s hit list. Yes, trying to decipher which SEO strategies are worth implementing and which should be avoided with a 10-foot pole can sometimes be challenging, but if you're performing SEO correctly by abiding by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and only performing honest white-hat SEO strategies, there's no need to worry about any future Google updates.
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5 Steps to Driving Massive Traffic with Long-Tail Content

A few weeks ago we conducted an in-depth interview with Richard Jacobs of Speak Easy Marketing, Inc. The short version is that Richard successfully used long-tail content to generate 400,000+ organic searches in a  single year for one of the most competitive industries—law. Anyone who has dabbled in keyword research knows that legal terms are some of the most expensive and competitive keywords out there, and getting even a fraction of the traffic is both expensive and a huge accomplishment.
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eCommerce Site Optimization Tips

What does a typical eCommerce site's page look like? Naively written tag lines, often unoriginal copy, tons of duplicate content and a product catalogue that is arduous to read. It's a combination of all these reasons that many eCommerce websites fail to rank higher in the major search engines. Their content is often not given priority by the search engines.
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It’s Hummingbird World: Why Responsive Design Matters

Hummingbird: New features for Mobile users. Since the beginning of web search engines, developers have been striving to design new and effective search algorithms to improve search results. Google has continually stayed one step ahead among competitors, and its latest search algorithm, Hummingbird, continues that practice. On September 26, 2013, Google’s 15-year anniversary, Google shook up the world of search engine with its formal unveiling of Hummingbird Search Algorithm. To increase market share for mobile internet search, Google has added new features in this search algorithm. Now, one question that would be baffling in your mind that how this algorithm benefit mobile phone uses? Well, the answer is quite simple.
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“Keyword Not Provided” Google Keyword Data Workarounds

In 2013, Google switched all its searches to encrypted searches using HTTPS, effectively eliminating keyword data for site owners. Google searches no longer pass keyword data through to websites, which effectively eliminates the ability of website owners to track their users by keyword searches. This also means the end of segmenting users by keywords within web analytics software. By now, you’ve probably realized that if you log into your Google Analytics data, you will see that the term “(not provided)” takes up the majority of your keyword data. So, how can you still understand your search traffic despite the fact that Google is now limiting access to keyword data? Here’s what you need to know.
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Why Your SEO Efforts Should Incorporate Video

Without a doubt, online video is proving to be a powerful tool for marketing products and services for all organizations, both large and small. The allure of video is only increasing as more people discover the power of such tools as YouTube to learn and discover.
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Why Are SEO Results For Start-ups So Slow?

If you have recently started with ethical SEO, then you might be expecting results to appear right away. However, it is good to note that search engine optimization takes some time - especially for startups and new businesses - and you will not get that page one ranking overnight.
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7 Ways to Optimize Your Site for Sales

Companies that follow a structured approach to online conversion optimization are twice as likely to see a rise in online sales. Period. It is undeniable. Given this, you would think more online businesses would test and perform optimization experiments and A/B testing approaches. The truth is that 61% of organizations conduct less than 5 tests each month. This is mainly because most organizations are too pre-occupied with “business as usual” and they simply don’t take the time to think about focusing on conversion optimization.
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