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Harnessing Competitive Intelligence to Win New Business

To an independent PPC consultant, agency, or business development professional, competitive analysis is an important component for new business pitches or presentations. Gathering research and data specific to a prospect can be time consuming.  iSpionage tools enable you to quickly gather competitive data to incorporate into work-winning presentations.

Utilizing iSpionage tools, you are able to show:

  1. What’s Happening in a Prospects Niche Market: Using the Keyword and & Research tool, you can pull reports relevant to competitors/advertisers keywords, ad copy, or landing page combinations.
  2. Competitor Success Metrics: Tools allow you to identify how competitors are achieving success online.
  3. Opportunities for Competitive Edge:  Using the iSpionage intelligence you’ve collected will enable you to inform opportunities for your prospective client to launch a more competitive campaign.

Leverage these tools and data to create a presentation convincing prospects that you not only understand their business but can also effectively run a successful pay-per-click campaign. 

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Guest Blogger

Julie Image

Julie Cropp Gareleck

Julie is a senior business strategist at Junction Creative Solutions who is building a consultancy that provides consistent solutions that assist clients. Throughout her career, she has consulted with hundreds of pre-seed, early stage, and established companies with successful results across business, brand, and marketing.

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