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Getting the Most from your PPC Keywords: Peel and Stick

Perry Marshall, Internet Marketing and Google AdWords expert, includes a chapter in his book The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords (a must-read for any PPC campaign manager), about the keyword finessing technique he calls “Peel and Stick.” This methodology is a great way to narrow your keywords down to individual, high-performing ad groups and improve your overall performance.
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What is The Goldilocks Principle of AdWords Ad Writing?

Over the Thanksgiving break  I had a chance to re-read some of my classic Google Adwords materials. I thought I share a few interesting points, as writing them actually refreshes my mind. Perry Marshall, a leading internet marketing expert put together a must-read book for anyone running a Google AdWords PPC campaign.  The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords lives up to its name and is one of the most useful references for internet marketers looking to improve their AdWords conversions. 
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