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Adwords Landing Page Intelligence = More Conversions

Your success or failure with Adwords and PPC hinges on what I’m about to tell you…

There’s a 3-step journey your website visitors MUST take before you’ll ever see one morsel of profit. 

Here’s the journey:

Keyword > Ad > Landing Page

Each step serves an important purpose…

1. Your keywords TARGET the right people.

2. Your ads BRING people to your site.

3. Your landing pages CONVERT people into leads or customers.

That’s why traffic doesn’t make you money. 

Conversions do. 

And it’s why you won’t see ANY profit until your LANDING PAGE converts.

But it can take months and thousands of dollars in testing to get your landing page to convert visitors to your satisfaction.

Fortunately, you can slash the testing required to get awesome landing page results, so you can create more successful and profitable campaigns faster.

How? Simple…with iSpionage… 

…the ONLY competitive intelligence tool that documents the entire user journey of your most successful competitors, including the landing pages triggered by their highest converting keywords and ad copy.

In just seconds, you can see the exact campaigns (keywords, ads and landing pages) your most dominant competitors are using to corner the market.

Watch a quick video tutorial on exactly how you can do this.

In no time, you’ll be swiping your top competitors’ most effective ideas to help ensure your own campaigns are effective. iSpionage gives you:

  • Advanced insight on what’s actually working right now.
  •  Access to the entire user journey (keywords > ads > landing pages). You won’t find this anywhere else.
  • The best source of proven ideas, tactics, strategies and offers to borrow for your own landing pages.
  • A short-cut for your research time.
  • Less advertising risk.
  • The ability to create more profitable campaigns faster.

Click the video below to see how easily you can do all of this and more…

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Let your not-so-smart competitors struggle while you hit the ground running with instant access to the most effective campaigns in your industry or niche.

Here’s some praise from another happy iSpionage user:

“Before I ever launch an SEO or PPC campaign I like to uncover exactly what my competitors are doing. What keywords are they bidding on? How much are they bidding? What ad copy are they using? How long have they been using the ad copy? What landing pages are they using to convert traffic? iSpionage allows me to do all this and more. I can confidently launch campaigns with a proven formula for success, and save a lot of time and money in the process!”
– Robbie Richards

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