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How Your Competitor Help Write Best Ad Copy For You

Successful PPC campaigns are based on 3 things:

1. Keywords > 2. Ad copy > 3. Landing Pages (with a great offer)

I already showed you how to select great keywords with iSpionage’s proprietary KEI score (Keyword Effectiveness Index).

iSpionage has another proprietary (and priceless) tool you can access right now in your free account explained in this video.

It’s called the iSpionage AEI score (Ad Effectiveness Index).

The AEI shows your competitors’ best-performing ads based on 4 critical metrics (our tech does all the math for you). 

Even better…in a matter of clicks, you instantly see:

  • Which ads rank the highest 
  • Which ads drive the most traffic
  • Which ads have been used the longest
  • Which keywords trigger each ad
  • And one AEI score that ranks all ads in order of their effectiveness

So if you want to see the #1 most effective ad (and all the rest) in your industry or niche AND the set of keywords which triggered them, you can see them inside iSpionage right now.

There’s only so much I can explain in this email. So I made this video to show you how powerful this can be for your business.

Check it out the video

You’d be a fool to do any PPC advertising without first seeing the ads your competitors are willing to pour millions of dollars into.

You could work 24 hours a day and NEVER learn all that iSpionage shows you in seconds.

Let iSpionage keep tabs on all the most effective ads in your industry or niche for you.

P.S. Here’s what some of our thousands of happy customers are saying:

“Of all the tools we use, iSpionage has to be #1 when it comes to better understanding our competitors’ PPC and SEO strategies. The intel they provide helps us make much smarter business decisions. Bottom line: We save a ton of time and money.” – Dan P

“I have been a Web Developer and PPC marketer for more than 15 years, and iSpionage is probably the most reliable competitor research tool I have ever used…” – K. Ellingsen

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