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5 Content Amplification Strategies That Beef Up Viewership  

No matter how engaging and informative your content is, it’s only worthwhile if people actually see it. Many bloggers and business owners focus on creating great content, but they don’t spend as much time on the amplification process. In today’s busy online world, it’s not enough to just create great content—you also have to develop an effective amplification strategy to ensure that this content reaches your audience.
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The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

We get contacted a lot by people wanting to write guest posts for the iSpionage blog. And when they do, it's important to share with them what types of posts and writing style we expect from our guest contributors. To solve that problem, we've created this infographic titled The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post. It shares what we expect from guest posts written for the iSpionage blog, in addition to some other tips we've learned along the way for writing and publishing successful blog posts. We hope you learn something from the infographic and appreciate your sharing it if you do.
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eCommerce Site Optimization Tips

What does a typical eCommerce site's page look like? Naively written tag lines, often unoriginal copy, tons of duplicate content and a product catalogue that is arduous to read. It's a combination of all these reasons that many eCommerce websites fail to rank higher in the major search engines. Their content is often not given priority by the search engines.
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Why Your SEO Efforts Should Incorporate Video

Without a doubt, online video is proving to be a powerful tool for marketing products and services for all organizations, both large and small. The allure of video is only increasing as more people discover the power of such tools as YouTube to learn and discover.
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Eliminate Email Apathy with Active Content

It’s been over forty years since Ray Tomlinson sent out the first-ever email, but it wasn’t until the 1990s, as the World Wide Web trickled into every household and workplace, that email became an effective tool for marketers. But did you know that the very first mass email was actually sent in 1978, when a marketing manager sent a message about his products to 400 Arpanet users and netted $13 million in sales?
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6 Secrets to Writing Killer Headlines

The best copy in the world won’t get read if its headline isn’t engaging enough to encourage people to click on it. In fact, crafting headlines has become an art form in and of itself. Well-known writing experts like Brian Clark of CopyBlogger are creating content, guides, and courses on how to craft headlines that sell, that persuade, that get people’s attention.
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How to Use Google Alerts to Get More Traffic

When it comes down to it, we all want more traffic to our blog or site. Traffic = potential customers, right? While there are many tactics to drive more traffic to your site (write great, shareable content, amplify through social), I want to focus on one technique in particular:
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How to Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

You've likely heard the buzzwords - they not only create an aura of untraversed creativity but also open up avenues for discussion. Just think how often you hear terms like cloud computing, big data, and responsive web design, etc. The latest to join the bandwagon is ‘Content Marketing Strategy’.
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8 Steps To Build Your eMail List Using eBooks

You most likely are already using your email list effectively to communicate with your customers or audience. The challenge comes from growing the list - we’re always on the lookout for efficient ways to quickly build our audience. One of the easiest ways to do this is by offering an ebook in exchange for people joining your email list. This is obviously not a new concept - it borrows from the old ‘permission marketing’ coined by Seth Godin. With a good ebook, this can be extremely effective.
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