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PPC Moneyball Style: How to Get a Bigger Return with a Small Budget

Here’s the challenge: You’re faced with managing a relatively small PPC budget in Google AdWords. It's no easy task since you want to ensure visibility on competitive keywords while trying not to exhaust your click budget too quickly. A recent study by Wordstream proves this challenge for small businesses and reveals that SMBs tend to waste approximately 25% of their already small monthly PPC budget.
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How to Use the AdWords Search Terms Report to Lower Cost Per Acquisition

AdWords is all about getting the best results. The goal is to raise click through rates (CTR), lower cost per click (CPC), and decrease cost per acquisition (CPA), all while getting enough impressions, clicks, and conversions to stay in business. One way to do this is to weed out terms that aren’t performing because nobody wants to bid on a phrase that isn’t converting, even if it does have a high CTR and low CPC.
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New AdWords Feature: Increase Keyword Profit with FREE Call Conversion Tracking

With mobile usage growing in popularity, more and more conversions happen over the phone versus online.  A quiet announcement last week by Google to offer FREE website call conversion tracking is something all PPC managers and agencies should utilize.  This post will explain why this is important and how to set it up to drive more keyword profit. 
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The Essence of AdWords in 876 Words [Infographic]

In January of 2013, Adam Kreitman of Words That Click wrote a post for the Crazy Egg blog titled "The Essence of AdWords in 876 Words." It was an incredible post and something we thought deserved to be turned into an infographic, so we teamed up with Crazy Egg to do just that.
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6 Advanced Excel Tips for PPC

Efficiency and time management are two factors that can make or break the success of any PPC manager. Being proficient with Microsoft Excel and knowing the quickest way to analyze data, find insights, and create new PPC campaigns can lead to better campaign performance and less stress during your workday.
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What You Can Learn about PPC Advertising from a For-Profit University Spending $60,000,000+ Per Year

There’s been controversy recently surrounding for-profit universities related to how much they spend on marketing, how much federal funding they receive, and the value of the degrees they hand out. An article from The Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that, over the last three years, 23.5% of The University of Phoenix’s revenue was spent on marketing and recruiting (for a total of $3 billion) while the university made a profit of $1.2 billion. CIR also found that a large amount of federal funding was used to pay for University of Phoenix classes, including the following:
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New Features in AdWords Keyword Planner & the iSpionage Competitive Analysis Tool

Before launching any search marketing campaign, it’s necessary to do your keyword research. In fact, understanding which keywords you should target is one of the most important steps in order to achieve the results you desire. Thankfully, there are many different tools out there to help you understand the basics of keyword selection, but by far one of the most popular tools is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.
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Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Quality Score

Whether you are taking 3rd grade achievement tests, the SAT, or the GMAT, it seems like you can never get away from a standardized estimate of how well you are performing. Guess what? The same is true for online marketing. Google actually rates how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are by assigning you a Quality Score.
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The Psychology of Great AdWords Copy

Is your PPC copy dynamic and engaging – or is it dull, generic and failing to connect with your target audience? In order to write AdWords copy that beats the competition, you need to understand what attracts and motivates your target audience. One way to gain insight into your customer base is by A/B testing ad copy. And while A/B testing is important, it’s also a lengthy process. What if you could streamline this process by writing better ad copy in the first place? Applying marketing psychology to AdWords copywriting can help you write better copy that connects with your target audience, delivers more clicks, and drives sales.
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