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Your Most Important Customer is…


Actually let me rephrase that – Google SHOULD BE your #1 pay-per-click (PPC) customer. When advertisers & business owners (i.e. you & me) start running AdWords, it is in our best interest to embrace what Google wants. And just like our favorite customers, once we know their likes and dislikes, we find that they WANT TO reward us by driving campaign costs down and conversion rates (i.e. revenue) up.

It’s that simple.

And interestingly enough, Google is asking to become our #1 customer…

This past week, Leon & I attended the ad:tech conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Google representatives and guest speakers stayed long after their presentations to talk to the SEM/SEO community – including us (thanks guys!). We took the chance and asked them to elaborate on the PPC challenges that you brought to our attention in last week’s post.

In addition to speaking with us, Google announced the release of Website Optimizer as a stand-alone product AND put together an excellent educational symposium specifically for you and me. They’ll be posting the presentations on youTube under the Google Marketer’s Playbook series.

So basically – Google talks to us, teaches us and gives us ‘free’ tools to help us improve our online marketing efforts. Are you listening?

We definitely are – we’ve digested all of this and put it into a free online video series designed to improve your PPC revenue. In our first video, we’re teaming up with RevUpNet, a result-based marketing agency, whose clients include Angie’s List &

Email us or post your comment below to learn more and let us know what you want to see on the video series!

P.S. Based on the overwhelming number of requests from last week’s post it took me longer than anticipated to reply back to you. As a result, we improved our blog/email communication process, I’m hoping to get back to you within 24 hours with a reply to this week’s comments and questions – Wish me luck!