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iSpionage is Going Nuclear…

on Competitive PPC Advertising

After one of our Search Marketing Agency users told us how he used iSpionage to become a PPC superpower, we’re SERIOUSLY considering taking iSpionage off the open market.

First, we need to verify that his actions are not a fluke.

Intermediate and novice users beware – this employs the use of AdWords Editor and can potentially blow out your budget in a few minutes with a very high CTR. I’m also personally testing our user’s system and am contacting some of our PPC expert iSpionage users to get their feedback on employing the strategy below.

One more warning… if our user base goes up 10x over the next week, we’re likely to shut down iSpionage to additional users until further notice. Only users already in the system will be allowed any further use of iSpionage.

This is what he did:


  • Logged into his iSpionage account
  • Opened up his project
  • Selected the ‘Advertisers’ tab






  • Selected the top advertiser in his field
  • In the ‘Keyword by This Advertiser’ section, select ‘Other keywords’ section, he exported that advertiser’s top 50 competitive keywords to excel






  • Selected 25 of the 50 keywords with the highest competitive score
  • Created 25 keyword matching ad copies to export into AdWords Editor with the following criteria

AdWords Editor

  • He created a new campaign
  • Selected Ad Groups: Add/Update Multiple Ad Groups – in that field he added each keyword as its own ad group. His add-in looked something like this: ad group, Max CPC,,Active
  • Selected Keywords: Make Multiple Changes, Add/Update Multiple Keywords. His add-in looked something like this: keyword, phrase, max cpc, URL, Active
  • Matched the keyword to the ad group of the same name
  • Selected Ads: Make Multiple Changes, Add/Update Multiple Text Ads. He copied and pasted the ads that he created in excel.
  • Matched the Ads to the 1 word keyword group and let it rip!







Again, two things worth repeating…

When you try this out, please let us know your results – we want to verify that his results were not a fluke.

AND if our users grow 10x tomorrow, we will shut down any further registration until further notice.


P.S. He’s given us the copy of the spreadsheet that he used. Email me & let me know if you want to use it.