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Keyword Hell!

Did you ever buy into a craze, only to pay for it later? I did.

Today, I’m talking about the 1,438 long-tail keywords that I researched in Google Analytics (you know – for performance) AND pushed into AdWords through AdWords Editor.

If done right, long-tail keywords are fantastic.

However, embarrassingly enough… in my excitement, I violated the basic rule of treating Google as my most important customer.

Avoid the hell I went through a year ago – When you run additional keywords, ensure they do not take away impressions from the keywords that are delivering your customers.

When adding more keywords into your campaign, do it methodically and carefully monitor your keyword performance. To this point, I’m gonna borrow a phrase from the book, Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott: “If you’re drilling for water, it’s better to drill a one hundred-foot well than one hundred one foot wells.”

This line was meant for personal conversations. What’s your personal conversation with Google?

With iSpionage, I now drill down through the handful of keywords that are yielding results before I methodically start adding more words.

I know that some of you could write a book on bloated campaigns! Do you have any campaign stories that you’re willing to share? Just today, I’ve spoken with 4 people that have one! J

P.S. We do monitor the feedback content; when you post your comments, please avoid using individual and company names.

P.P.S. To answer some of your questions – I had the intention of putting up our first streaming content yesterday. I’ll put the stuff up as soon we work out some of the bugs.