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21 Actionable Search Ad Lessons Learned from Studying $2,500,000 in Ad Spend [Infographic]

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Studying your AdWords conversion funnel is important at all levels. Whether it’s the keywords you’re buying, the actual creative makeup of the ads, or the landing pages you’re directing traffic to.

However, despite which layer of the conversion funnel you’re analyzing, data is the most important factor, and two types of data can help you improve—datasets from your competition and data from your own funnels.

To help us better understand search ad creative that makes the biggest differences in performance, we’ve brought in Jason Puckett, CEO & Founder of AdBasis.

AdBasis is an A/B and multivariate testing platform for search, display, remarketing & mobile ads. Jason’s expertise resides in the ad testing arena.

Below, Jason introduces the report his company constructed using search ad data from 630M impressions, 1M individual ad variables, 250,000 ad creatives, and $2,500,000 worth of ad spend.

Jason Puckett on the AdBasis Search Ad Report

Ad testing is conducted for two main reasons: to optimize your ROI and to learn about your audience. Optimization is a relatively standard process, you can use technologies like iSpionage or AdBasis to improve your ROI over time and these upticks are easily quantifiable.

The second purpose of ad testing, “creative learning,” is a little bit more difficult to grasp.

Advertisers need a way to understand which ad creative actually drives performance for specific audiences. Within the AdBasis platform, we track the metadata associated with each ad variation being tested. Our team collected the creative performance data for over 250,000 search ads and came up with 21 interesting trends that advertisers can implement in their daily ad strategies.

Here’s an infographic that shows what we learned:


For more information about ad testing for search, display, remarketing or mobile app install, visit

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