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Competitive Intelligence Tools for Your Marketing Technology Stack

Lots of articles out there will give you an exhaustive list of competitive intelligence tools — 50 or more. But this just adds to the noise and confusion, and doesn’t help you navigate the vast marketing technology landscape. Instead, we’ve chosen to curate a lineup of our favorite competitive intelligence tools for a marketer’s stack. That is, for each use case or purpose, we’ve listed the one tool we recommend, discuss why, and dive into their unique features.
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What is the Best SpyFu Alternative?

SpyFu is a popular tool for SEO and PPC competitor research, but many people are searching for an alternative. Why? Maybe you want to test a tool with a free trial (or a limited free account), or perhaps you’re looking for deeper insights — including what landing pages competitors are using for each ad or keyword or how long they’ve been bidding on a particular keyword. Maybe you’re simply looking for a fresh perspective on competitor data.
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6 Advanced Ways to Better Visualize PPC Data

While it may seem simple, when we build out PPC reports, we sometimes lose sense of the chart types and the math that get us to real insights. Yes, scatter plots, regression analysis, and those sorts of reports may be a bit much for the design department, but as an analyst in charge of getting results, you should be using the tools needed to get the job done.
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A Closer Look at the 5 Leading Web Analytics Tools

Most search engine marketers (and Google for sure) would probably agree that the Golden Rule of online marketing is this: make sure your website/landing page appeals to, and engages, your target audience. In fact, the aim of every action you take on your website, whether it be design, website copy, keyword targeting, or blog post production, should be to help your targeted consumers easily find exactly what it is that they are searching for on your site.
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Tips to Understand Traffic, Even when it’s “Not Provided” by Google

Back in October, Google made a huge change to their algorithm that affected SEO professionals significantly. In short, Google encrypted their signed-in search data to a secure socket layer (SSL), and now they do not pass along any organic referral data. This move toward encrypted data has made it more difficult for those looking to make strategic search engine optimization website decisions to make well-researched updates. While the organic click no longer displays the query string, and is defined simply as “not provided” to search marketers, there are still a few methods to help search marketers understand their traffic, even in the wake of Google’s algorithm updates that limit access to keyword data. Here are some tips to help you.
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How Should Your Business Measure Conversion Attribution?

No online sale is made in a vacuum. Many businesses today should be tracking their sales using a different conversion attribution model than they are. These models can more completely reflect what is truly happening with your sales funnel by tracking more parts of the sales process.
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All About Google Analytics Custom Campaigns

It’s truly amazing how many tools Google offers to help businesses with every aspect of online marketing from search engine optimization and paid search to campaign management and analytics, and everything in between. In fact, one of the best Google tools on the market to help you easily track your website data is Google Analytics.
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Top e-Marketing Metrics You Should Be Monitoring

So you’ve investing time and effort in search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC). Investing in online marketing is definitely a hefty decision to make, but it’s also one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website in order to increase your sales leads.
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