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NEWS FLASH: Marketers today are spoiled.

That’s right– I said it.

Okay, okay…hold up, before you start spamming my Twitter account…

I’m not saying our job is easy.

But it is definitely easier than ever before to get the data we need to make smart decisions.

And it’s easier to shine a big, bright light on our successes, for everyone to see.

From Google Analytics to an endless parade of SaaS tools, you can get simple & highly visual reporting from most online channels where you spend your marketing budget.

But then there’s SEO.

There’s no “SEO app” to download to your iPhone.

“SEO” doesn’t hand you a pre-built reporting dashboard full of brightly-colored pie graphs.

So, how can you get simple reporting that lets you show off your big wins?

How can you claim credit for all your hard work at the next quarterly meeting?

Well, let me show you.

Get SEO reports that clearly demonstrate your success.

SEO Watch by iSpionage gives you a robust reporting dashboard that you can use to highlight the successes in your SEO campaigns.

And it lets you export those reports to easily share them with the people you need to impress– either to get buy-in on your campaigns…or to push for that bonus…or just to let them know that your work is paying off.

Here are a few reports that can help you get the credit you deserve:

Ranking Progress Summary:

The Progress Summary report visualizes your rankings growth to let anybody grasp the success of your SEO campaign instantly:

It displays overall SEO keyword visibility growth and breaks it down into color-coded ranges based on the rank position.

When you see a bump performance– either at the global level or in the top 10 positions– this report makes it easy for everyone to see.

Keyword Trend Reports:

Not all keywords are created equal. But sometimes your success with high-value keywords can be hidden by the pure volume of less-important keywords.

The SEO keyword trend report lets you see the ranking change for each of your keywords over time. So you can call attention to the keywords that have had the best performance.

Use it to highlight the success in individual, high-volume or high-relevancy terms that you’re targeting in your campaigns.

With up to 24 months of trend history and a visual “Rank Trend” line graph, it’s easy to call attention to the specific success stories of your SEO strategy.

Page Performance Reports:

Sometimes you’re pushing to get a specific piece of content ranked. When you are, it’s a lot of work to track it’s position each week for multiple different keyword variations.

The Page Performance report shows you where your pages rank for each keyword that you track.

It saves you hours of manual tracking and recording positions. Plus, the trend data packs much more impact than simply saying “this article is ranking at spot #2.”

The report shows you the same historical data and trend graph as the keyword report, so you can easily get the credit for the rankings growth of specific pages over time.

Share of Voice Report:

How do you know that all these ranking numbers are translating into more traffic in the real world?

The Share of Voice report visualizes the share of impressions that you’re getting for the keywords in a specific campaign.

Business is a competitive sport. And why spend your time chasing down the lead dogs in your market if you can’t even prove to your team that it’s making a difference?

The Share of Voice report is the easiest and cleanest way to demonstrate your overall performance relative to all the other voices out there.

So that you can show off the global impact of all those keyword-level and page-level gains.

Bonus #1: Highlight progress with competitive SEO reporting:

Who’s the reigning SEO king in your niche?

Wouldn’t your higher-ups love to know when you’re closing in on them?

Yes, Share of Voice lets you compare yourself to the market. But personalized competitive SEO reports let you measure yourself against the SEO competitors you care about most.

Competitor Benchmark Report

Everybody loves to see where you stack up. There’s no hiding in the competitor benchmark report. It’s just a straight-up comparison of your ranks against the competitors you choose to track.

There’s no simpler way to keep your eye on the top performers in your niche to see how you stack up.

Bonus #2: See your local SEO rankings from around the world:

When you use keyword grouping to track your campaigns regionally, you get accurate local SEO ranks from anywhere in the world. (down to the zip-code level),

You’ll get ALL of these reports above…from every location that you choose to track.

See how your campaigns in Baltimore are performing from your office in Vancouver without leaving your desk. And without entering a single search term or opening up a spreadsheet.

Plus, our SERP screenshots let you see your listing as it appears so you can see who your Google neighbors are and what they’re doing to grab attention.

Use unlimited keyword grouping to personalize your SEO reports

SEO Watch by iSpionage lets you create unlimited keyword groups.

That means that you can track your campaigns however you want.

Create a master campaign for ALL the keywords you’re targeting to get top-line results.

And then create targeted campaigns to track narrow aspects of your performance, like:

  • Branded keyword campaigns – monitor your Google ranking for your own brand name and trademarks
  • Funnel stage campaigns – track TOFU, MOFU, BOFU keywords separately to see what kind of traffic you’re driving to your site
  • Regional campaigns – see SEO rankings by country, state, city or zip code
  • Product-specific campaigns – differentiate between products or product categories
  • Client campaigns – track & segment multiple clients under one SEO Watch account
  • Content pillar campaigns – monitor related groups of SEO keywords to measure your impact on broad ranges of related keywords

Keyword grouping makes it incredibly easy to personalize your SEO reports. And to get the exact data you need to get the praise you deserve for your SEO wins.

Set up your keywords the way you want to see the once. And then sit back and watch the reports roll in each week.

Start personalizing (and automating) your SEO reporting today to amplify your wins.

Like anything else– in marking or life– you’re not going to win every battle with SEO.

But you’re almost certainly going to win some of those battles.

Segmenting your campaigns and personalizing your SEO reporting lets you simply and quickly take credit for the battles that you win.

Use the robust keyword grouping to isolate specific segments of your campaigns. And then use visual reports to highlight your most favorable data:

  • Show off overall success within a keyword group using the Ranking Progress Summary.
  • Highlight the progress of your most important keywords with the Keyword Trend Report.
  • Use the Page Trend Report to show off content that is driving tons of new traffic.
  • Measure your gains versus the market with the Share of Voice Report & Competitor Benchmark Report.
  • Track local search positions around the globe and show off actual, real-life search results with Keyword SERP screenshots.

You can do all of this and more with SEO Watch by iSpionage– the SEO ranking tool designed by the market leaders in competitor research for SEO and PPC.

SEO Watch makes it easy for you to personalize your SEO reports. So that you can get credit for your SEO successes.

Try it risk-free for 30 days as part of the iSpionage’s full suite of competitive intelligence tools for SEO and PPC.

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