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iSpionage’s Top 10 Blog Posts of All-Time

Top 10 iSpionage PPC Blog Posts of All Time

Just in case you haven’t seen them yet, we wanted to share a list of our top 10 blog posts of all time.

These are posts who’s popularity has been voted on by readers based on the number of times they’ve shared each article.

The topics range from how to use Excel to get better PPC results to how to start a PPC agency that earns over a million dollars in revenue.

We hope you like these articles as much as our readers have and would love for you to share them if you find them helpful, useful, or interesting.

#1: How a Search Marketing Agency Went from 0 to $2,500,000 in Revenue in One Year [Interview]

KlientBoost PPC Agency

Our most popular post of all time based on share counts is an interview we did with Johnathan Dane, formerly from Disruptive Advertising and currently at KlientBoost.

In the interview, Johnathan shares the steps he and his business partner took to grow Disruptive Advertising from $0 to $2,500,000 in revenue in a single year.

My personal favorite tip is how they used Instagram to share their company culture in order to entice talented PPC managers to apply to work at Disruptive.

#2: The Essence of AdWords in 876 Words [Infographic]

Essence of AdWords in 876 Words

In this post, we turned a post Adam Kreitman (a PPC agency owner in St. Louis and a long-time iSpionage customer) originally wrote for the Crazy Egg blog into an infographic that ended up being very well received.

The infographic itself has been shared 269 times, and it explains the most basic yet important AdWords principles in 876 words, which is quite concise, in our opinion.

#3: 39 Ways to Know You Make a Living from PPC Marketing [Infographic]

Ways to Know You Make a Living from PPC Marketing

For this infographic, we teamed up with PPC experts like Melissa Mackey, Larry Kim, Brad Geddes, Marty Weintraub, Michael Knight, Kevin Lee, Justin Freid, and Kent Lewis to come up with a funny list of the top ways to know you earn a living from PPC marketing.

We personally think the list is surprisingly and hilariously accurate but will let you be the judge.

#4: How One Marketer Used Long-Tail Content to Generate 400,000+ Organic Visits [Interview]

Generate SEO traffic with long-tail content

This article is an in-depth interview with Richard Jacobs on how he used long-tail content (and lots of it) to generate 400,000+ organic visits in a highly competitive industry.

If you’re interested in learning the best way to drive organic traffic in a competitive niche or industry, this is an article you definitely don’t want to miss.

#5: 6 Advanced Excel Hacks for Better PPC Management

Excel Hacks for PPC

This is one of the more technical posts we’ve had written for the iSpionage PPC Insights blog, and also one of the best.

The post was written by Brad Merkel of Clear Peach Marketing and covers some more advanced Excel techniques that PPC managers can use to get better results with their campaigns.

Hopefully, this post won’t go over your head, but if it does, that might give you even more reason to dig in and learn how to improve your Excel skills when it comes to AdWords.

#6: 10 of the Most Common PPC Mistakes & How to Fix Them [SlideShare]

10 common PPC mistakes

For this post we turned a blog post we wrote for KISSmetrics into a SlideShare presentation that’s easy to read and visually appealing.

It also includes some really good advice about the top PPC mistakes that most businesses make. Whether you’re new to PPC or not, this is a SlideShare presentation you won’t want to miss in order to make sure you aren’t making any of these top 10 most common mistakes.

#7: 7 Excellent Landing Page Design Resources

7 excellent landing page design resources

Do you need help with building great-looking, high-converting landing pages? We’ve got you covered.

This post shares seven excellent landing page design resources that every digital marketer should know about. We’d love to know which one is your favorite or what other tools you recommend, so be sure to leave a comment after reading the post.

#8: Are You Bidding on too Many AdWords Keywords?

Bidding on too many AdWords keyords

At the beginning of the year we reviewed our AdWords account and realized that only 8% of our keywords were resulting in conversions. This caused us to clean up our keyword list quite a bit in order to make sure we’re focusing on terms that actually convert.

The result has been higher conversion rates and more conversions. If you’re interested in learning more about what we did, you definitely need to read this post.

#9: 7 Chrome Extensions Every Digital Marketer Should Be Using

Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

This post shares seven of the top Google Chrome extensions for digital marketers.

But in case we missed any good ones, be sure to share your favorite extensions in the comments.

#10: How to Transform Your AdWords Performance with SKAGs


In this post, Johnathan Dane, who was previously featured at #1 on this list, shares how he uses SKAGs (single keyword ad groups) to get better PPC results.

It’s somewhat of a counter intuitive method, but it’s worth checking out since Johnathan uses it to get good results for his clients.

Wrapping It Up

Did we happen to leave one of your favorite posts off of this list?

If so, let us know by sharing a comment. We’d also love to know what you’d like us to cover next, so feel free to leave a comment with a future blog post request.

You’re also very welcome to top up your Buffer account with these posts, and we greatly appreciate all of your shares, comments, and even questions.

The Author

Joe Putnam HeadshotJoe Putnam (@josephputnam) is the Director of Marketing at iSpionage. He’s helped organizations increase SEO traffic over 400%, conversion rates 133%, and AdWords conversions 10X. Get in touch with him via Clarity to get advice for content marketing, SEO, PPC, and conversion rate optimization.