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New AdWords Feature: Increase Keyword Profit with FREE Call Conversion Tracking

With mobile usage growing in popularity, more and more conversions happen over the phone versus online.  A quiet announcement last week by Google to offer FREE website call conversion tracking is something all PPC managers and agencies should utilize.  This post will explain why this is important and how to set it up to drive more keyword profit. 
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The Essence of AdWords in 876 Words [Infographic]

In January of 2013, Adam Kreitman of Words That Click wrote a post for the Crazy Egg blog titled "The Essence of AdWords in 876 Words." It was an incredible post and something we thought deserved to be turned into an infographic, so we teamed up with Crazy Egg to do just that.
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Uber vs. Lyft: Who’s Winning the PPC Battle?

Lyft and Uber are currently in a heated battled for car-on-demand services. So much so that Lyft recently accused Uber of ordering and cancelling 5000+ rides as a way to disrupt Lyft’s services. They even claims that 177 Uber employees around the country were involved. The reason for the heated competition is that there’s big money on the line for car-on-demand services. Uber’s latest round of $1.2 billion in funding values them at $17 billion to $18.2 billion. That means there’s a lot at stake for Uber to dominate the market.
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8 Top PPC Marketing Posts from This Week

Today we're doing a quick roundup of the top PPC posts from the week so you can top up your Buffer account and stay abreast of what's being published. The topics cover everything from common PPC mistakes to landing page best practices. Enjoy! #1: The 5 Most Common PPC Mistakes from AdWords Do-It-Yourselfers
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6 Advanced Excel Tips for PPC

Efficiency and time management are two factors that can make or break the success of any PPC manager. Being proficient with Microsoft Excel and knowing the quickest way to analyze data, find insights, and create new PPC campaigns can lead to better campaign performance and less stress during your workday.
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What You Can Learn about PPC Advertising from a For-Profit University Spending $60,000,000+ Per Year

There’s been controversy recently surrounding for-profit universities related to how much they spend on marketing, how much federal funding they receive, and the value of the degrees they hand out. An article from The Center for Investigative Reporting revealed that, over the last three years, 23.5% of The University of Phoenix’s revenue was spent on marketing and recruiting (for a total of $3 billion) while the university made a profit of $1.2 billion. CIR also found that a large amount of federal funding was used to pay for University of Phoenix classes, including the following:
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7 Ways to Increase The Sales Conversion Rate in Google Ads

You’ve done everything you could. Your bids are competitive and your ads are laser targeted. You’ve also done A/B (Always Be) Testing and ensured your landing page gets the highest ROI. But then you realize that nothing has changed and you’ve seen no improvements since you began the campaign. While you’re staying put, your competitors are constantly seeking for ways to enhance their relationships with the clients through Google ads.
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6 Common PPC Strategy Mistakes that Kill Campaigns

Technology is supposed to make life easier, but when it comes to advertising, dominating a pay per click (PPC) campaign can be maddening. There are best practices, and there are also common mistakes. One of the biggest is trying a DIY approach when you don’t have anybody on board with PPC experience. However, there are also other, subtler faux pas that can kill a campaign before it even gets fully off the ground.
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