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What Google’s NEW Exact and Phrase Match Variations Really Mean for Advertisers

A few weeks ago, Google AdWords announced that they would be removing advertisers' ability to exclude close variants from phrase and exact match keywords. This changed sparked much confusion and controversy in the industry, and I’d like to help clear up some of the mess. However, before we can look at how Google’s latest change will affect advertisers, we need to really understand the basics of close variants.
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Should You Bid on Your Own Brand Terms in AdWords?

This is a question that comes up a lot with new AdWords managers or business owners who are doing PPC for the first time. “Should I bid on my own brand terms in AdWords?” The rationale for not bidding on your own brand terms goes something like this: Most companies already rank #1 in Google for their own brand. With that in mind, should they “waste” any of their precious ad budget on brand terms they already rank #1 for?
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5 Steps to Driving Massive Traffic with Long-Tail Content

A few weeks ago we conducted an in-depth interview with Richard Jacobs of Speak Easy Marketing, Inc. The short version is that Richard successfully used long-tail content to generate 400,000+ organic searches in a  single year for one of the most competitive industries—law. Anyone who has dabbled in keyword research knows that legal terms are some of the most expensive and competitive keywords out there, and getting even a fraction of the traffic is both expensive and a huge accomplishment.
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PPC Moneyball Style: How to Get a Bigger Return with a Small Budget

Here’s the challenge: You’re faced with managing a relatively small PPC budget in Google AdWords. It's no easy task since you want to ensure visibility on competitive keywords while trying not to exhaust your click budget too quickly. A recent study by Wordstream proves this challenge for small businesses and reveals that SMBs tend to waste approximately 25% of their already small monthly PPC budget.
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How to Use the AdWords Search Terms Report to Lower Cost Per Acquisition

AdWords is all about getting the best results. The goal is to raise click through rates (CTR), lower cost per click (CPC), and decrease cost per acquisition (CPA), all while getting enough impressions, clicks, and conversions to stay in business. One way to do this is to weed out terms that aren’t performing because nobody wants to bid on a phrase that isn’t converting, even if it does have a high CTR and low CPC.
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New AdWords Feature: Increase Keyword Profit with FREE Call Conversion Tracking

With mobile usage growing in popularity, more and more conversions happen over the phone versus online.  A quiet announcement last week by Google to offer FREE website call conversion tracking is something all PPC managers and agencies should utilize.  This post will explain why this is important and how to set it up to drive more keyword profit. 
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The Essence of AdWords in 876 Words [Infographic]

In January of 2013, Adam Kreitman of Words That Click wrote a post for the Crazy Egg blog titled "The Essence of AdWords in 876 Words." It was an incredible post and something we thought deserved to be turned into an infographic, so we teamed up with Crazy Egg to do just that.
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Uber vs. Lyft: Who’s Winning the PPC Battle?

Lyft and Uber are currently in a heated battled for car-on-demand services. So much so that Lyft recently accused Uber of ordering and cancelling 5000+ rides as a way to disrupt Lyft’s services. They even claims that 177 Uber employees around the country were involved. The reason for the heated competition is that there’s big money on the line for car-on-demand services. Uber’s latest round of $1.2 billion in funding values them at $17 billion to $18.2 billion. That means there’s a lot at stake for Uber to dominate the market.
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8 Top PPC Marketing Posts from This Week

Today we're doing a quick roundup of the top PPC posts from the week so you can top up your Buffer account and stay abreast of what's being published. The topics cover everything from common PPC mistakes to landing page best practices. Enjoy! #1: The 5 Most Common PPC Mistakes from AdWords Do-It-Yourselfers
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