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Is Targeted Traffic the Secret to Effective Conversion Rate Optimization?

If you’ve been in the digital marketing space for a while, you’ve probably heard a lot of talk about conversion rate optimization (CRO). But the question is, do you get better results from CRO or traffic optimization? So…is popular opinion right? Should you focus on conversion rate optimization over tweaking your pay-per-click campaigns? Sure, if you can do both, go for it. But if you’re anything like the average marketer, time and money are limited, so if you can only pick one, which should you choose?
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10 Things Google Loves to See on Every Website

  What makes Google love your website, and why does it matter in the first place? Here's why. Most people only click the first 1-3 organic results with much fewer searchers clicking 4th to 10th and almost nobody going to the second page.
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How an Advertiser Lost £800,000 by Not Using Custom PPC Landing Pages

One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make is not creating custom landing pages for their paid search campaigns, especially when they're aiming to generate more leads. The sad truth about this is that, if you're still sending people to your homepage, you're losing out on conversions, and as a result you're paying more per lead than you need to pay.
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Getting the Most out of Responsive Web Design: 8 Reasons to Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Optimized

The mobile marketing gold rush boomed last year as smartphone usage swelled to landmark proportions. According to Pew Research, two in three Americans now own smartphones. Similarly, around the world in developed and developing countries, it’s almost impossible to find a household that doesn’t contain at least one smartphone user. With every passing day, the proliferation of mobile devices is making fixed home phone lines and internet connections a thing of the distant past.
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How Competitive Intelligence Helps Agencies Close More Deals

One question that we get quite often from our agency clients is this: How can I increase my close rate using iSpionage competitive intelligence data. To answer the question above, we conducted a survey to our business users on behalf of our agency clients. We asked the following open ended question: “What is your biggest business challenge?” Here are the main responses we received, ranked in order:
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The Real Goal of Competitive Intelligence (99% of People Get This Wrong!)

There’s a super common misconception when it comes to competitive intelligence. We're not really sure that 99% of people actually get this wrong, but we can confirm, based on our 7 years of experience in the competitive intelligence space, that the percentage is really, really high. You see, most people make the mistake of thinking that the goal of competitive intelligence is to copy their competitors, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
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How to Use Dynamic Number Insertion for More Accurate PPC Lead Gen Tracking

The name "Dynamic Number Insertion" sounds intimating. When I was first pitched this type of trackable number, my initial thought was to instantly hand the project off to my developer. But I’m happy I decided to implement the entire process myself because it helped me realize how much of a game changer this phone tracking technology will be for my PPC clients.
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