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How to Use Competitor Alerts to Automate Your Research

Last time we talked about how our proprietary Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) will help you uncover your competitor's most profitable keywords. In case you missed that, here's the video tutorial again: How to Find Profitable Keywords Faster with iSpionage's KEI Score Today, I want to talk to you about the benefits of setting up an iSpionage Competitor Alert. For all the details, watch this 5-minute video: When you manage a Google Ads campaign, sometimes you run out of ideas about which keywords to test. Sometimes, you just don't have the time to do more research on Google’s Keyword Planner to find new profitable keywords. But keywords are the lifeblood of your Google Ads campaign. Your business only shows up to Google users who type in the keywords you bid on in your campaign. Thus, it’s critical to keep adding and testing new keywords. That’s where iSpionage Competitor Alerts come in. With iSpionage Competitor Alerts, we send you a set of new keywords each week that your competitors started using or testing during the previous week. We scan 95,000,000+ keywords across hundreds of verticals on a regular basis. If your competitors start using new keywords, we’ll see them and will let you know right away. Can you imagine how long it would take for your team to gather that amount of competitive intelligence data on their own? Well don’t worry, we’ve automated the entire process so you just need to login and download the new keywords you want to test each week. Watch this 5-minute tutorial video to see how you can set up a Competitor Alert and get a steady dose of targeted keywords on a weekly basis. When you use Competitor Alerts, it’s like letting your competitor’s search marketing team or agency do your keyword research for you. Doesn't that sound awesome? Competitor Alerts also let you: Expand your keyword lists automaticallyReduce your risk with Keyword Effectiveness Index insightsSave money and run a profitable campaign. iSpionage Risk-Free for 30 days UPGRADE NOW
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How to Beat Google Ads Competitors and Maximize Profits

Your competitors are spending thousands on PPC (pay-per-click) traffic in Google, Yahoo and Bing. iSpionage lets you spy on all their expensive hard work, so you can: Discover their most profitable keywords, ads and landing pagesLower the RISK and COST of your own (or your clients’) PPC adsIncrease your conversionsMaximize your profit Here’s how. One of the most important bits of intel iSpionage reveals to you is the KEI score for every keyword your competitors use. Your competitors do NOT want you to have this information. I’ll explain… KEI stands for Keyword Effectiveness Index, and only iSpionage has it. It’s based on a proprietary algorithm that tells you which keywords are likely to be the most profitable for your competitors based on factors explained in this video. It probably took your competitors months of testing and thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of dollars to discover what the KEI scores tell you instantly. You can even sort all keywords by KEI score, so you can save even more time and focus on only the top-performing keywords. Having KEI scores always at your fingertips: Slashes your keyword research timeLets you cherry-pick the best keywords with confidenceHelps you get traffic at a lower cost with higher conversions And that’s the ultimate goal, right? Unless you love flushing your time and money down the toilet, do not launch a PPC campaign without checking the iSpionage KEI scores. Watch this quick video to see KEI in action: Your free iSpionage account will only show a handful of results per search and limits your daily usage. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of our paid accounts. That means if you sign up TODAY to spy on your competitors’ most profitable keywords, you’ll have 30 full days to test iSpionage out and to make sure it’s right for your business. So what are you waiting for? UPGRADE NOW to uncover your competitors’ most profitable PPC keywords, ads, and landing pages! P.S. Here’s what some of our thousands of users are saying: Best Competitor Intelligence Tool for PPC & Conversion Optimization "I have used all the keywords and spying tools on the market. iSpionage is the only one that is 100% focused on insights that you can make money with…" - Jamie Smith More than just a spy tool "Back in the day, keyword spy tools were great, but now the landscape has evolved and I need to know what my competitors are doing on their landing pages too. This helps fuel new ideas for my tests and what I can do to increase my conversion rates and be more aggressive with my PPC campaigns." - Jonathan Dane Take a look at these 5-star CAPTERRA reviews to see more real customers' reviews. Try iSpionage Risk-Free for 30 days UPGRADE NOW
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PPC Prospecting Software: How to Find PPC Prospects and Turn Them Into Clients

As a PPC agency or consultant, you may be looking for ways to boost client acquisition and improve your prospecting strategy. Lots of articles out there promise secret tips and tricks for getting new PPC clients. They might tell you to encourage referrals, personalize proposals, or promote case studies. However, few will offer a detailed method for using prospecting software to find and secure new PPC clients.
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Competitive Intelligence Tools for Your Marketing Technology Stack

Lots of articles out there will give you an exhaustive list of competitive intelligence tools — 50 or more. But this just adds to the noise and confusion, and doesn’t help you navigate the vast marketing technology landscape. Instead, we’ve chosen to curate a lineup of our favorite competitive intelligence tools for a marketer’s stack. That is, for each use case or purpose, we’ve listed the one tool we recommend, discuss why, and dive into their unique features.
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What is the Best SpyFu Alternative?

SpyFu is a popular tool for SEO and PPC competitor research, but many people are searching for an alternative. Why? Maybe you want to test a tool with a free trial (or a limited free account), or perhaps you’re looking for deeper insights — including what landing pages competitors are using for each ad or keyword or how long they’ve been bidding on a particular keyword. Maybe you’re simply looking for a fresh perspective on competitor data.
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Paid Search Competitor Analysis Tools: A Deep Dive into 5 of the Best

The vast array of digital marketing tools on the market can be overwhelming. At the last count, the martech landscape consisted of over 7,000 different tools. When you want to do paid search competitor analysis, there are comprehensive tools that build competitor research into their wider functionality, and there are specialist tools that focus solely on PPC competitor data. As a marketer, it can be difficult to know which way to go.
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The Secret to Wildly Successful Google Local Ads

Perfecting local PPC campaigns with Google Ads is the biggest challenge in search engine marketing (SEM). It’s true whether you’re multi-million dollar agency managing ad campaigns for a nationwide health insurance company or an independent hair salon opening your second shop on the other side of town.
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Dropbox vs ShareFile: Who has the best landing pages in the online file sharing space?

Your landing pages are the moneymakers in your PPC campaigns. Or at least they should be. They’re the deal-closers. The sweet-talkers. Your online, 24-hour digital sales force. Even if your PPC ads are driving high-value traffic, you’re wasting money on every click if your landing pages don't convert that traffic into free trials, paid users, or revenue-generating leads High-converting landing page ideas come from many places-- client interviews, customer feedback, your marketing team, and your competitors.   At iSpionage, we’re big fans of that last one. 
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