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Which Presidential Candidate Is Winning the Digital Marketing Battle?

At this point, it's a little early to tell which presidential candidate is winning the digital marketing battle because campaign marketing teams are keeping their cards close to their chest. But one thing we do know is that digital marketing, and A/B testing specifically, can have a big impact on presidential campaigns.
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15 Excellent Resources to Help You Become a CRO Expert

All of us— even those considered to be CRO experts— had to start somewhere. Nobody knows right away how to optimize websites as soon as they enter the digital marketing world. Thankfully, mastering the art of conversion rate optimization is considerably easier now than it was several years ago, and for a very good reason—more learning resources are readily available.
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Pro SEO Tip: How WikiPedia Can Affect Your PageRank Score

Yes, you heard that correctly. The title does say Wikipedia. Most marketers already know that Wikipedia carries a lot of weight with Google. With Wikipedia coming up on page one for the majority of search terms, you can see the power of the site without doing any research. It's the 7th most used website with more than 325 million readers worldwide. Despite it not being a reliable source for the academic world, we can all agree that it is one of the most popular and useful websites out there.
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How to Use LSI Keywords to Boost SEO Traffic

I'm constantly searching for new SEO techniques to help improve my page ranking. One of the best strategies I've found has evolved around the use of LSI keywords. By using LSI keywords, I've been able to resurrect dead content and climb to the top of search results with fresh content.
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The Biggest Web Design Mistake Most People Make

Before I start talking about the biggest web design mistake most people make, I need to mention that designing websites isn't easy. Everyone has an opinion on what looks the best. Designers have their take on what's best for your business. Owners have their view, and marketers provide another viewpoint. At the end of the day, it isn't easy to make everyone happy, and design by committee is never a good idea. 
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5 Ways to Know if PPC is Right for Your Business

Paid advertising is a polarizing topic. There are some marketers who look at it as somewhat of a Holy Grail among marketing channels. Put money in, get more money out, then sit back and do nothing. Another group of marketers scorn it as “outbound” marketing—an in your face, unpleasant means to get attention for your business. Personally, I take a neutral approach. If it works, I’m all for it; if not, it just wasn’t the right channel for the business.
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How to Double the Profit of Any Sales Funnel by Targeting Hyper Responsive Buyers

As someone using iSpionage (or thinking about it), you're probably spending money on paid traffic. And that's a good thing! A paid marketing funnel is the most stable, scalable, and reliable way to grow any business. The problem is, most campaigns are simply not profitable enough. Since they're not profitable enough, it puts a tight squeeze on your cash flow, making it harder to scale. Today, we're going to fix that problem.
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Announcing Ad Copy A/B Test Monitoring for PPC Campaigns

  A little over a week ago we announced our new competitor A/B test monitoring. With competitor A/B test monitoring, you can find out when your competitors start an A/B test and when they select a winner. Here's a screenshot of what this looks like with an example A/B test by
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It’s Finally Here—Competitor A/B Test Monitoring!

  We’re quite pleased to announce that after receiving numerous requests for competitor A/B test monitoring, it’s now available. With our new competitor A/B test monitoring technology you'll know: When competitors run an A/B test on one of their PPC landing pages or webpages. When they select a winning variation. When they begin testing all over again. This is something that numerous CRO experts have been asking for, and we're happy to finally be able to deliver it. Here's a quick peak at what it looks like.
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