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How to Capture More Conversions with an Irresistible Value Proposition

Your value proposition is probably one of the most important pieces in the conversion puzzle. If you don’t believe me, think about it this way… Online shoppers have literally thousands of websites they can choose from when shopping online. It can become difficult for them to decide where to make a purchase. They’re often looking for that definitive reason why they should choose you over the competition.
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The Secret to Truly Accurate Keyword Research for Search Marketing Campaigns

Let’s be honest here…it’s an essential pain in the butt. I’m talking about keyword research. If you’re doing search engine marketing, you can’t gloss over it. Those keywords form the foundation of your PPC and SEO campaigns. Pick the wrong keywords, and you’re not gonna have much success. There are plenty of keyword research tools a search engine marketer can choose from. There’s the free Google Keyword Planner that’s included in the AdWords interface.
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How to Choose the Right PPC Payment Model for Your Business

Whether you’re just starting to consider driving traffic using pay-per-click or you’ve been involved in PPC for several years but still want to save money, taking a closer look at the payment models available can help you decide which works best for your specific needs. Every payment model has its own pros and cons, and knowing the differences can help you figure out how to plan your budget and plan your success accordingly.
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How Safe Is Your Website from an SEO Penalty?

With all of the buzz floating around regarding Google’s algorithm updates and the huge number of sites getting penalized, many webmasters, SEO’s, and marketers are concerned that their website could be next on Google’s hit list. Yes, trying to decipher which SEO strategies are worth implementing and which should be avoided with a 10-foot pole can sometimes be challenging, but if you're performing SEO correctly by abiding by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and only performing honest white-hat SEO strategies, there's no need to worry about any future Google updates.
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The Science behind Explainer Videos and Why They’re So Effective

I’m sure you’ve seen them somewhere around the web. Whether it’s the one used by Dropbox to fuel their growth from 0 to 100 million users, or any of the other thousands of videos used around the internet to explain SaaS companies and digital products. They’re everywhere. But what you may not know is how effective they are and what makes them so effective.
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5 Easy Ways to Boost CTR for AdWords Ads

It’s a well-known fact that the click through rate (CTR) for PPC ads is a big factor when it comes to quality score optimization because CTR is a key measurement Google uses to evaluate the continuity between keywords and ads. Basically, it speaks to how many people are actually listening to your offer versus how many are totally ignoring you.
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How to Calibrate Your Spying Tool for Better Accuracy

  Using competitive intelligence technology for keyword research, competitor analysis, and daily monitoring is a huge time saver because manually attempting to evaluate competitors, monitor keywords, and keep up with ads can be very time consuming. Competitive PPC intelligence tools save you time, but sometimes they leave you wondering, "How accurate is the data?"
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